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Demon’s Souls Character Creator Has ‘16 Million Permutations’

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Wondering how you’ll look when you return to Boletaria? Sony has answers. The PlayStation Blog shared screenshots for the new character creator, with the images offering details about exactly what people will get to change. Most notably, SIE Worldwide Studios External Development Creative Director Gavin Moore pointed out there will be “up to 16 million permutations” when you make your avatar, as people will be able to work off of presets, then go into greater detail with 11 facial feature options. He also went over the Demon’s Souls photo mode and the filters that can be used in the normal game and when taking snapshots.

First, there are 12 options to choose from when you head into the Demon’s Souls character creator appearance categories. One is a presets section, which will have four pages of premade heads to choose from. (Each page appears to have 12 options, based on one image.) You can get a bit more refined from there, with the additional categories being brow, decals, ears, eyes, face, facial hair, hair, jaw, mouth, nose, and skin.

Some of these sections might not have as many options. For example, the image looking at “hair” shows 24 total styles to choose from and a color option. But in the case of a category like “mouth,” there’s more to consider. The image there shows 16 possible mouths, the ability to adjust the depth, height, and width of it, and what appear to be eight teeth options.

And here are some Demon’s Souls character creator screenshots.

As for the Demon’s Souls photo mode, a few of the different filter settings and options appeared in its initial screenshots. You can have your character appear or not and determine if you see certain sorts of equipment on them. More importantly, the filters can be used in photo mode or in the game. Moore specifically called out an option “designed to tune brightness, contrast and color levels to closely resemble those of the original PS3 game.”

Demon’s Souls will come to the PlayStation 5 in Australia, Japan, North America, and South Korea on November 12, 2020 and in the rest of the world on November 19, 2020. There will be a standard edition and a digital deluxe one with exclusive equipment.

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