DeNA Will Shut Down the Kemonomimi-filled Torikago Scrap March in March


Fantasy Earth Genesis won’t be the only smartphone game to close its doors on March 31, 2020. DeNA will also terminate the servers for the turn-based RPG Torikago Scrap March on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Despite only launching in Spring 2019, Torikago Scrap March is further proof of how volatile the mobile market can be. Sales of the in-game currency will end on February 27, 2020, although refunds will be available. The version 2.1.4 update is scheduled to be the final update for the game.

Monsters have invaded Tokyo in Torikago Scrap March. In order to save the day, you have to recruit animal girls, Kemonomimi, and have them help you through the game’s many dungeons. There’s a bit of a relationship aspect here, as you have to care for them by brushing and petting them. If they don’t like you, they could leave. Different kinds of animals have different strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll see women with traits from creatures like goats, cats, foxes, and dogs.

Torikago Scrap March is available now on the App Store and Google Play in Japan.

Brian Cooper
Owner of the Japanese Nintendo blog and a gamer since the 1980s with the ZX Spectrum 48k+.