Details Regarding Final Fantasy Dissidia’s Battle System


final-fantasy-dissidia_20070508_070514_intro.jpgUpon hearing about Final Fantasy Dissidia being a "dramatic progressive action" game, some people began assuming that Dissidia’s gameplay would follow in the same vein as Super Smash Bros. Now, however, new details have emerged regarding Dissidia’s battle system as IGN has translated this week’s issue of Famitsu regarding Dissidia and it’s battle system.


To put it simply;


  • Each character will have a special skill to inflict damage on his opponent
  • Each skill will vary from short range to long range and will be executed as such
  • Players are encouraged to destroy the level’s environments
  • The "Brave" meter is filled by destroying environments or inflicting damage on your enemies  and allows for new attacks when filled
  • Special move gauge, when filled, allows the player to unleash a special move that is "typical" of that character’s Final Fantasy special move (i.e. Zidane = Trance)
  • EXP and equipment play a role in the game


Doesn’t sound so bad, but its best to see when this is actually seen right? Past the break are some newer scans of Final Fantasy Dissidia from Jeux-France.



dissidia01.jpg dissidia02.jpg dissidia03.jpg

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