Detention Is A 2D Horror Game Set In 1960’s Taiwan



In Detention, a pair of students find themselves trapped in their school. It’s not like how they remember it, though, as Greenwood High School has changed in unsettling ways since they got locked in, with monsters and strange creatures wandering the halls.




Detention is a 2D horror game that draws inspiration from Taiwanese culture and Chinese mythology, also utilizing elements of Taoism and Buddhism to tell a unique, frightening story.




Players will explore the haunted school, finding puzzles to solve and items to interact with in its strange, otherworldly rooms. Sometimes, they’ll need to creep close to the shivering creatures that stalk the halls, though, hoping to not be seen as they sneak by.




Detention is raising votes on Steam Greenlight. Players can also subscribe to the developer’s newsletter to gain access to the demo to try.

Alistair Wong
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