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Detroit: Become Human – Tokyo Stories Manga Volume 1 in Stores

tokyo stories become human

Kadokawa started selling volume 1 of the Detroit: Become Human – Tokyo Stories manga. This is an official spin-off comic based on the adventure game of the same name. The story takes place in Tokyo, following a human girl and various sentient androids. It costs 726 JPY, which is around $5.30. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Unlike how the actual Detroit: Become Human game depicted a fairly rough political situation between humans and androids, Japan in 2038 embraced life with them in the manga. For example, Reina is a popular android idol. There is a positive and optimistic coexistence between humans and androids. However, in the shadows, humans who lost their jobs as a result of the androids have been taking out their frustrations on them. Amidst all that, deviant androids (those who gained sentience) started appearing. Detroit: Become Human – Tokyo Stories will focus on a story of android rebellion, though it centers on a human girl.

The manga first came out in July 2022. As of the time of writing, there does not appear to be an official English localization.

Detroit: Become Human – Tokyo Stories manga volume 1 is available in bookstores in Japan. You can purchase it via Amazon as well, in both physical and digital formats.

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