Devastated Dreams Plays On The Fears Of Pregnancy, The Horrors Of Filipino Monsters



The creator of psychological 2D horror game Neverending Nightmares, Matt Gilgenbach, has announced that his next game will be in a similar vein, being a psychological horror game called Devasted Dreams that’s based on two of the greatest fears he’s ever felt.


The first of those fears is the anxiety Gilgenbach felt when expecting his first child. The second fear goes back to 2013, when Gilgenbach felt totally vulnerable while staying in the Philippines without running water and electricity during a visit to meet his wife’s family for the first time. Devasted Dreams will combine both of those fears into a grayscale 2D horror experience.



“It is a narrative focused game telling the story of Angel, a young woman who may or may not be expecting a child as she has to journey through twisted nightmares plagued by horrible monsters inspired by Filipino folklore,” revealed Gilgenbach.


While staying in the Philippines, Gilgenbach became fascinated with the aswang, which is a legendary creature of Filipino folklore that are similar to werewolves and vampires but somehow more twisted. “They often prey on children, which is the perfect metaphor to express his fears of taking care of [my] first child,” Gilgenbach explains.



Devastated Dreams sees you running through Angel’s nightmares, traversing real-life locations, including Tacloban after it was devastated by a typhoon and the Kabayan Fire Mummy caves. You can keep up to date with Devasted Dreams on its website.

Chris Priestman