Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat Devs To Address Dante’s Face And Other Feedback From Beta


Last month, Chinese-developed smartphone spinoff Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat entered a short beta period, and now the devs have announced that they will address some of the issues players had with the game, including Dante’s face, and more. [Thanks, Bahamut!]

Issues players encountered included the lack of options to change graphics quality within the app, leading to freezing on less powerful devices. The game’s camera system was also criticized, and the development team acknowledged that they are still refining the AI for enemies currently off-screen. There were also some minor points of criticism, such as too many screen-shaking effects when hitting enemies.

Some players also felt that the skill system didn’t feel Devil May Cry-like, to which the dev team responded that they plan on bringing closer to the original. Players also didn’t like the large amount of invisible walls, which affected the freedom of movement quite a bit. These points will be addressed in the full game release, stated the team.

Finally, Yunchang Games announced that the game will support smartphone game controllers and screen capture in the full game.

Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat entered a beta period in 2019, and will officially launch in 2020 for iOS and Android.

Alistair Wong
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