Devil’s Third Online Launches In Japan In January, Adds Voice Chat, PvE, And More



Valhalla Game Studios and Nexon announced the latest on their upcoming action shooter Devil’s Third Online for PC during their ongoing live stream event.


Devil’s Third Online’s closed beta testing will start in Japan from November 27 through December 1st, and its open beta will take place in January. The game will officially launch in late-January.


As for the closed beta version, it’ll have four modes of Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Cross Fight (close-ranged fighting only,) and Carnival (shooting for points using vegetables, fruits, and a mixer.)


When Devil’s Third Online hits open beta, it’ll include two new modes.


  • Chimera Clean Up: a mode that features a variety of monsters such as trolls and golems that you can take out solo or with a team of up to four players. The goal is to clear until beating a certain number of waves.


  • Seize Match: clans will fight each other to defend their own bases or take over the bases of enemy clans. This mode is currently in adjustment and will officially launch in spring 2016.


There are also new rules:


  • Ignition: traditional explosions rule


  • Cargo Capture: fight over supplies that are scattered across the map


  • Chicken: go around chasing chickens that are scattered across the map


Added features:


  • Voice chat support


  • Controller support


  • Feature that lets you take screenshots and scatter them across your enemies.


We’ll likely hear more details on a Western release in the near future.

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