Dig Up Bones, Romance Archeologists In Otome Game C14 Dating


Melissa Flores is an anthropology student on a summer archeological internship, and while the prospect of digging up lost histories offers her plenty of excitement, so do the men she meets there in Otome visual novel C14 Dating.


C14 Dating will have players working through an archeological dig, one where they have the potential to unearth artifacts from the Neanderthal era. This is a big opportunity for Melissa, but one that will take her out of her comfort zone as she stays in a country that’s five thousand miles away from home.

Luckily, the people she meets on the dig are a comfort. Deandre, Shoji, Hendrik, and Kyler are all quick to offer their friendship, giving Melissa someone to talk to when she’s stressed on her adventure, or just a friendly face to chat with. Player decisions, many of which will affect Melissa’s stats and alter the route of the game, will also help her relationship with these men grow into something more than friendship.


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Alistair Wong
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