DigiFes 2023 Key Visual Shows Grown-up 02 Characters

digifes 2023
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The new key visual for DigiFes 2023 features grown-up versions of Daisuke and other Digimon Adventure 02 characters. This key visual uses their designs from the upcoming Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning film. More information for DigiFes 2023 includes the title of the drama reading the cast will perform, as well as what merchandise will be available. [Thanks, Comic Natalie!]

The key visual for Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning shows us the grown-up versions of the 02 cast of characters along with their partner Digimon. As a reminder, it is chronologically a sequel to Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

As for the drama reading, there will be two different shows. The afternoon showing will have the cast perform “Competition Over Fireworks Tickets!” and the night one will be “Everyone Gather! Big Investigation At Night!” The scripts for these readings will be a bonus if you purchase a designated seat. That ticket will cost 12,000 JPY ($86.50) whereas a normal one will cost 8800 JPY ($63.45).

There aren’t any pictures of the DigiFes 2023 merchandise yet. However, we do know that pre-orders will be available from July 3, 2023 and should arrive before the date of DigiFes 2023. That means those who wish to bring goods there will be able to do so. Merchandise will include the striped shirts that everyone is wearing in the key visual, as well as penlights.

DigiFes 2023 will take place on July 30, 2023 in Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning will air in Japan on October 27, 2023.

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