Digimon Adventure Videos Show Story And Battle System


Two new gameplay videos for the Digimon Adventure PSP game have been released. The first is titled “Adventure Part,” which shows the PSP version of the story events from the first two episodes of the anime:



It looks like every now and then, the characters will set up camp, where you can talk to other characters and form deeper bonds with them through conversation.


The second is titled “Battle Part,” which shows the party battling a Guardromon in the episode 5 map:



Battles aren’t random. Additionally, it looks like you can either set Digimon to AI or manual command. All attacks consume some amount of SP, although you can also use it to evolve in battle. Increasing bonds between characters power-up Digimon attacks.


Interestingly enough, the background music for the Battle Part trailer is from Digimon World 1.