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Digimon All-Star Rumble Gameplay Shows Off The Playable Digimon



Bandai Namco recently showed off a good deal of in-game footage from Digimon All Star Rumble via a livestream focusing on several of the game’s playable characters. You can watch an archived version of the stream above.


All Star Rumble has 12 base playable Digimon, each with their own Digivolved forms and Super forms. Some of these evolutions aren’t canonical in the Digimon universe, but Namco say they wanted to include as many forms as possible in the game. Below the list of all 12:


    Digivolved Form: WarGreymon
    Super Form: Omnimon


    Digivolved Form: MetalGarurumon
    Super Form: Omnimon


    Digivolved Form: Hououmon
    Super Form: Examon


    Digivolved Form: MegaKabuterimon
    Super Form: TyrantKabuterimon


    Digivolved Form: Plesiomon
    Super Form: AegisDramon


    Digivolved Form: Angewomon
    Super Form: Examon


    Digivolved Form: OmniShoutmon
    Super Form: Shoutmon DX


    Digivolved Form: Shoutmon X4
    Super Form: Shoutmon X5B


    Digivolved Form: ExVeemon
    Super Form: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode


    Digivolved Form: Stingmon
    Super Form: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode


    Digivolved Form: WarGrowlmon
    Super Form: Gallantmon


    Digivolved Form: Beelzemon
    Super Form: Shoutmon X5B


Digimon All-Star Rumble will be available November 11th in North America and November 14th in Europe.

Ishaan Sahdev
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