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Digimon Survive Introduces the Troubled Shinonome Siblings and Their Digimon Partners

Digimon Survive

Bandai Namco has revealed more info on Kaito Shinonome and Miu Shinonome, two siblings whom Takuma will meet and need to survive alongside in the alternate reality full of Digimon that they find themselves in. Kaito is the older brother of the duo, while Miu is his younger sister. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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Kaito Shinonome (CV: Kengo Takanashi)

Digimon Survive

A teen from the area who goes with Takuma and the others in order to stop his sister from entering the forbidden shrine. Due to this, he ends up in the alternate world with the others. He’s a morally righteous person who hates doing things in shady manner, but is quick to start a fight and somewhat dislikes relying on others. Thus, he can sometimes end up doing things on his own.

Kaito gives off the impression of being a delinquent. The Shinonome family moved to the area a few years back, and as his parents are frequently not around, it’s become his role to take care of his younger sister. When he first moved here, he was bullied by other children, but when they began to bully his sister too, Kaito got angry and beat them to a pulp. Since then, Kaito’s focused on protecting his sister with his mean stare and cold, silent demeanor, even if it means he’s isolated from other kids.

He’s very caring towards his sister and is always worried about her, but due to his brusque way of communication, they don’t really see eye to eye. As you might expect, he’s quite troubled by this. After entering the dangerous parallel world, his feelings of wanting to protect his sister grow even stronger and may end up the reason why he hurts the other survivors…

Digimon Survive

Kaito: “I wonder about that. Rather, you’re being told to not get too close.”

Digimon Survive

Kaito: “Hey you, where have you taken Miu?!”

Digimon Survive

Takuma: “Phew… It was the right decision to evacuate here.”


Dracmon (CV: Kouta Nemoto)

Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive

Dracmon: “Well, who knows? Even I don’t know. I just know that my friend is here.”

Digimon Survive

Dracmon: “That’s right! It’s all thanks to me!”

Digimon Survive

Dracmon: “It wasn’t weak, you know? It’s just that our side was stronger!”

Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive

A Digimon which loves to play pranks, and isn’t afraid of anything. It keeps a certain social distance from Kaito and since it will give composed, mature suggestions to Kaito, who’s prone to taking brash, emotional actions, they make a great pair.


Miu Shinonome (CV: Misaki Watada)

A young girl living in the mountain area who joined summer camp. In the prologue of Digimon Survive, she hears about and visits the forbidden shrine with Saki and the others, then ends up in the parallel world alongside the others. She’s rather eccentric and constantly says things that befuddle the others. She’s Kaito’s blood-related younger sister and hates how overprotective he is.

She moved to the area together with her family to start a new life, and although she drew attention early on at her new school for being from the city, rumors about her violent older brother spread and people began to avoid her by association. Amongst all this, Miu began to be drawn into the world of the occult.

After entering the unfamiliar new world, she becomes fed up with her increasingly overprotective older brother and runs away from Kaito at the first opportunity. Miu is intrigued by this alternate world in spite of it being dangerous, and she finds the world captivating. Now that she’s free from her older brother, she’ll try to enjoy this parallel world adventure, but…!

Miu: “Okay, you really wanna know? This rockfall was caused by a vengeful beast god~”

Miu: “There’s nothing you can do! Onii-chan is always hovering over me like this…”

Aoi: “By the way, who’s that girl there?”


Syakomon (CV: Asami Takano)

Syakomon: “Well, how about we take the initiative?”

Syakomon: “Well, taking care of an opponent of that level is quite simple.”

Syakomon: “Right?”

A bivalve-shaped Digimon with a hard shell. It gets along well with Miu and has a personality grounded in reality, compared to Miu, who often gets carried away by her occultic fantasies.

Digimon Survive will releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2020. Previously introduced characters include Shuji Kayama and Lopmon, and Saki Kimishima and Floramon.

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