Digimon World Re:Digitize’s Blackened Monsters Are More Vicious

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As previously reported, Nick’s father, Prof. Petrov, works at GIGO Company—the sole provider of Internet services after servers all over the world crashed. This monopoly has spread into all areas of people’s lives, including stocks and credit transactions. GIGO even has a hand in maintaining the government.


Professor Petrov, who lives with his son in the same apartment building as the protagonist, is portrayed as a slightly socially awkward man, but he loves his son. He had been researching the “Digitalization Phenomenon,” the transformation of real life matter into digital data, before he’d disappeared a few weeks prior to the beginning of the game.


However, the heroes then find him in the Digital World, standing alongside the darkened monsters.


Blackened monsters are Digimon who have been infected by a black aura and, because of this, run viciously rampant. The reason for this is hinted to be related to the termination of a terminal where File Island logs all its data—the Memorial Stella. The larger they grow, the more distortion they cause in the Digital World around them as they absorb the data around them. However, as this causes the Digimon’s body to become unstable, and as such, very aggressive.


This week, Namco also released images of Digimon fashion accessories, along with a newly announced Digimon—Tailmon (or, alternatively, Gatomon).


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