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Director Kazuma Kujo Gives Final Details On Disaster Report 4 Plus At Launch Event


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Disaster Report 4 Plus director Kazuma Kujo appeared at a launch day event the day before yesterday to give a just few more behind-the-scenes details on the development on the game, as part of a Q & A with the audience. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Here are the highlights:

  • When asked about whether coming up with multiple choice answers was difficult, Kujo mentioned that while ideas were a pain to come up with, it was even harder to convey the differences between the answers to the staff. They would ask, “What’s the difference?” According to Kujo, some answers that seem similar at first glance in the game will have different implications.


  • When asked about the difficulty of remaking the game on PS4, Kujo answered that in fact he felt it was easier developing the PS4 version compared to the PS3 version. When rewatching videos of the original Disaster Report, Kujo remembers how troublesome it was to develop it, and compared to that, the PS4 game was comparatively easier to make.


  • What’s different compared to the PS3 version? The game mostly remains the same, but they added the disaster manual that was well-received in ZZT3, had to remake the main character’s phone from a feature phone to a smartphone, and also added support for PSVR.


  • Kujo also described the process of making Disaster Report 4 Plus. He places emphasis on the “season” presented in the in-game world, so after deciding that, he chose the title logo color. After that, he works on the scenario and presentation of the game.


  • Finally, when asked how many Disaster Report games Kujo would like to make, he replied that he’d have a desire to make as many as possible as long as people would support the series.


Disaster Report 4 Plus is available on PlayStation 4 in Japan.

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