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Disaster Report 4 Plus Introduces Some Of The Characters You’ll Meet


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Information on several characters you’ll meet in Disaster Report 4 Plus was revealed in Famitsu this week, including reoccurring character Natsune Higa (Kelly Austin), who once again finds herself in another disaster.



Yuuko Ichikawa:

The default name of the female protagonist of the game. You can change her name, her appearance, or use a male protagonist instead.


Shinji Taneda:

A young man in his last year of university, who came to the city for a job interview at a top company. In the end, the job interview was cancelled due to the earthquake.


Susumu Kawamura:

A middle-aged man who lost his job due to company restructuring. He pretends to go to work everyday then spends the day in a park.


Akemi Towada:

A clothing designer and manager of an up-and-coming apparel shop. The earthquake struck not long after the store’s opening, and she and her staff aim to re-open the store.


Natsumi Higa (Kelly Austin):

A new teacher teaching English at a private high school. The earthquake occurs just as she is in town to bring back several truants to school.


(Kelly Austin is her localized name in Disaster Report and Raw Danger! She also appears in the unlocalized Disaster Report 3, making her the only character to appear in every game so far. What bad luck!)


Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories will be available for PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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