Disgaea 7 Fuji

Disgaea 7 Fuji Character Video Introduces the Warrior Oni

Disgaea 7 is approaching release in Japan, and Nippon Ichi Software is releasing a series of character trailers to introduce players to the game’s cast. The first of the trailers deals with Disgaea 7 protagonist Fuji. Future trailers from Nippon Ichi will cover characters like Piririka, Weyasu, and others introduced in previous reveals.

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In Disgaea 7 Fuji is a demon from the Hinomoto Netherworld. Despite the Netherworld’s reigning crisis, in which the Demon Admiral Opener has robbed the Hinomoto of its “Bushido”, Fuji hates the concept. Fuji instead chooses to “Go Bad,” in battle, sticking to his motto “Win, and you’re a hero; Lose, and you’re a lackey.” Thus he aims to win, no matter what he has to do. Even if that means cowardly ambushes and dirty tricks, Fuji will do it all if it means he wins. He was taught swordsmanship from Hinomoto’s greatest swordsman, Higan Zesshousai, who was introduced in November 2022.

Fuji’s also got an almost physical allergy to human emotion. Whenever he feels things as a human might, like feeling gratified when a person thanks him, he’s so pained that he coughs up blood. In the story, the Bushido-hating Fuji must team up with Piririka, a Bushido fangirl to save the Netherworld.

Check out the first Disgaea 7 character trailer below.

Disgaea 7 arrives on the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2023 in Japan. Currently no international release plans have been detailed.

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