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Disgaea 7’s Prinny Pii-chan Lays Out the Game’s Basics

Disgaea 7 Prinny

A new Disgaea 7 trailer arrived, and it detailed the game’s key features with the help of a Disgaea 7 Prinny. Called Pii-chan (or “P-chan”), the Prinny in question is secretary to Piririka, one of the main characters. The new trailer discussed the game’s premise, as well as detailed key systems and teased a few new characters.

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Check it out below.

As mentioned in other updates about the game, the Disgaea 7 Prinny Pi-chan-led trailer introduced the Hinomoto Netherworld. This is a land closely resembling Japan and made up of various unique Netherworld dimensions. Hinomoto has been subjugated by the Demon Admiral Opener, who robbed the land of its “Bushido” under pain of death. Now a young man named Fuji, who hates Bushido, and Piririka, who admires Bushido, must team up to restore the land.

The Disgaea 7 Prinny Pi-chan trailer reintroduced various Disgaea systems, including the game’s penchant for big numbers and the super-sizing Dodeka Max system. The recruiting and development of generic characters and random item dungeons were also shown off. The ability to automate parts of the dungeon grind through AI-based auto-play configuration is also detailed, along with asynchronous, AI-driven PVP matches.

The Prinny trailer introduced a number of new Disgaea 7 named characters too, who are detailed on the official website. Note that these name localizations are unofficial.

Disgaea 7 Ao

Ao is an icy girl that sees Fuji as a parent, calling him “Father.” She acts like Fuji’s child, but is cold and merciless to all others besides.

Disgaea 7 weyas

Weyas is a general of the Shogunate and a certified layabout. Rather than war, he’d rather party with young geisha all day and night. Though rather useless in battle, he does have enough talent to be selected as one of the “Seven Strikes” of the Tokugawa Tengen school.

Disgaea 7 C4

Cee-Fohr (or “C4”) is a gunpowder enthusiast making waves in the Hinomoto Netherworld for her mastery of fire and explosions. Her mild personality changes considerably in the presence of such materials, though. She also seems to collecting the Makai Shinki tools for her research.

suisen disgaea 7

Suisen has a mechanical body and is Bakufu’s “Predictive Magistrate.” He uses his computational abilities to predict the future, which gives him an edge in battle. Despite his seemingly robotic personality, he does occasionally revert to the more boyish mode his appearance would suggest.

Higan disgaea 7

Higan Zesshousai earned her name by becoming Hinomoto’s strongest swordsman. The problem is that she’s so strong she can’t actually use a sword properly (she’s learning the spear, now). She can teach, though, and taught Fuji swordsmanship.

Disgaea 7 launches on the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 26, 2023. International release plans have not yet been announced.

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