Nintendo DS

Disgaea, Rhapsody, and more heading to the DS



DS owning Disgaea fans, rejoice! The latest issue of Famitsu confirms that one of NIS's five DS titles in development is indeed a Disgaea game. However, much like the PSP Disgaea, it's a port of the original. I know that some may not like this news, but I for one am psyched. I poured many an hour into the original Disgaea, but never completed it. Maybe now I'll have the chance to! Also, two more of Nippon Ichi's five DS titles were revealed, as well. The first is Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, which is presumably a port of the PS1 title of the same name. The second is a game titled Jigsaw World, which again appears to be a port of a PS1 title, this one being a jigsaw puzzle game (obviously). So we now know three of NIS's five DS titles, and they're all ports. I just wonder if the last two to be revealed will be ports as well, or original titles?