Dissidia FFOO’s Shirtless Zack Fair is $37

Dissidia FFOO Shirtless Zack

Though it’s a bit late in the year for visiting Costa del Sol, players can buy a shirtless Zack Fair costume in Dissidia FFOO for $36.99. The 2D costume art even features his parasol weapon from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Additionally, Zack’s SOLDIER 2nd Class costume bundle is also currently on offer for $36.99, as well as a banner featuring a Heaven’s Cloud sword for Zack.

The Zack shirtless swimsuit costume will be available until November 19, 2021. The Stylish Wardrobe Chest bundle will also include 9,000 Gems. The costume is modeled after Zack’s appearance in Crisis Core during his vacation in Costa del Sol. While his 2D artwork shows him holding the parasol he used to defeat Genesis Copies, it will not affect his actual weapon appearance.

Similarly, his SOLDIER 2nd Class costume bundle will also come with 9,000 Gems. A special banner is also currently running and includes the Heaven’s Cloud sword for Zack. Equipping the sword will allow Zack to use the Meteor Shots LD ability. Players can get a free single draw every day, as well as a free multi draw for their first banner draw. Both the SOLDIER 2nd class Dashing Wardrobe Chest bundle and Heaven’s Cloud will be available until November 12, 2021.

You can check out the shirtless Zack costume and Dissidia FFOO banner details in the screenshots below.

Zack isn’t the first character to go shirtless in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, however. Back in February 2020, a shirtless Sephiroth modeled after the character’s boss appearance in FFVII appeared.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia is immediately available for Android and iOS devices.

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