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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT To Reveal The Return Of A Female Character In A November 10 Live Stream



Square Enix announced that it is hosting its next official Dissidia Final Fantasy live stream on November 10, and it’ll be a special edition celebrating the game’s third anniversary.



The 3rd anniversary special live stream takes place on November 10 at 12:00pm JST on YouTube and NicoNico Live. It’ll start with the “Official 1 Day Tournament 2018” followed by a Creator’s Talk Session from 1:30pm to 2:30pm JST, followed by the rest of the tourney, and the special broadcast’s main event starts at 7:30pm and ends at 9:30pm JST.


Information on a new character is expected to be revealed, and if we go by the hints provided, we can expect it to be a female character from the newer half of the main Final Fantasy games, and one that previously appeared in the Dissidia Final Fantasy series.


That rules out Tifa and Aerith since they’re from the older half of the series, but this means it’ll be either Yuna from Final Fantasy X or Prishe from Final Fantasy XI. After that, there will be one more character who is a new male character making a debut and is from the newer half of the Final Fantasy series.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on PlayStation 4. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available in Japan for arcades.

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