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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Launch Character Roster Trailer Shows Off Its 28 Characters And 7 Summons



Square Enix shared a new “Launch Character Roster” trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, featuring its 28 playable characters and 7 summons that will be available when the game releases next month.



Here are the 28 playable characters for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT from their respective titles:

Final Fantasy

  • Warrior of Light
  • Garland


Final Fantasy II

  • Firion
  • The Emperor


Final Fantasy III

  • Onion Knight
  • Cloud of Darkness


Final Fantasy IV

  • Cecil Harvey
  • Kain Highwind
  • Golbez


Final Fantasy V

  • Barts Klauser
  • Exdeath


Final Fantasy VI

  • Terra Branford
  • Kefka Palazzo


Final Fantasy VII

  • Cloud Strife
  • Sephiroth


Final Fantasy VIII

  • Squall Leonhart
  • Ultimecia


Final Fantasy IX

  • Zidane Tribal
  • Kuja


Final Fantasy X

  • Tidus
  • Jecht


Final Fantasy XI

  • Shantotto


Final Fantasy XII

  • Vaan


Final Fantasy XIII

  • Lightning


Final Fantasy XIV

  • Y’shtola*


Final Fantasy XV

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum*


Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Ramza Beoulve*


Final Fantasy Type-0

  • Ace*


*New characters


Here are the seven summons and their abilities:

  • Ifrit (Warcry, Hellfire, Meteor Strike)
  • Shiva (Overflow, Diamond Dust, Algid Aura)
  • Ramuh (High Voltage, Judgment Bolt, Catalyzing Spark)
  • Odin (Greased Lightning, Zantetsuken, Bladeglint)
  • Leviathan (Tidal Roar, Tsunami, Sheer Misery)
  • Alexander (Providence, Divine Judgement, Divine Bulwark)
  • Bahamut (Frenzied Bellow, Mega Flare, Drakenscourge)


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 11, in North America and Europe on January 30, 2018. In case you missed it, check out the game’s opening movie in our previous report for a look at some more action with all the heroes and villains.

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