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Dive Into The World Of VR Sugoroku And Drone Racing In Project Judge’s Side Activities


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P.I. Yagami has to solve side cases and uncover a conspiracy as part of the main Project Judge story, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take the time to relax now and then. Sega has revealed more information about what sorts of side activities will be available in the game. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)


D League

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Yagami will need to use his drone in order to secure information and evidence, but his piloting skills will be put to the test in the D League drone race scene. The D League is broken into five leagues, and anybody who can beat all five can advance into the expert league. Aim to win them all and earn the title of the best drone racer in Kamurocho!

The D League uses streets in Kamurocho as their racing grounds for a variety of courses. In order to beat each league, you’ll need to customize your drone. Courses with straight lines favor acceleration and speed, while courses with many curves emphasize maneuverability and durability.


The D League has a special Drone Lab where you can buy parts, which come in over 100 variations. You can also test out your drone at the test course.


Lastly, drone races support asynchronous online play, where you can download other players’ ghost data to race against them or watch for advice.


VR Sugoroku: Daikyu

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A new place has opened up in Kamurocho that offers the ability to play VR Sugoroku. In VR Sugoroku, you walk through a virtual Kamurocho via board game spaces. When you land on spaces, you clear missions in order to get items that can be exchanged for cash afterwards. These missions include Battle Spaces and Treasure Safe Spaces. The Treasure Safe Spaces ask you to perform lockpicking with a time limit, open a number dial safe, and more. For Battle Spaces, you’ll need to fight opponents that vary in difficulty based on the number of stars it has. The more stars, the more remaining dice throws Yagami gets; if he loses, he’s sent back to Start. It’s a high-risk, high-reward event space.

Finally, players will need to watch out for Koro-nyan (the yellow cat) and Kuro-nyan (the purple cat). Koro-nyan is the navigator for VR Sugoroku and can appear as King Koro-nyan on the board, which starts up Koro-nyan Mode, a bonus time feature that gives you lots of items.

On the other hand, Kuro-nyan takes away all your items. You can chase down Kuro-nyan though, and challenge it to a battle to get back double the amount of items. However, this is recommended for experts.


Pinball Parlor

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Yagami Detective Agency has a pinball machine called Pinball Parlor, which Yagami can play for free as he owns it. The way to get a high score is by using the Next Double mechanic, which doubles the next score. You just need to pass through the Next Double pathway on the right side.


Kamuro of the Dead

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Kamuro of the Dead is a first-person arcade shooter that can be found at Club Sega. In the game, you fight off hordes of zombies in Kamurocho to beat the game, as well as to get the high score.

Headshots are able to do several times the usual amount of damage, and headshotting repeatedly increases your combo count and score. Missing the head will reset your combo.

If you defeat a zombie within ten seconds of it appearing, you get a Time Bonus that will affect combos.


Motor Raid / Fighting Vipers

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Classic Sega games Motor Raid and Fighting Vipers return in Project Judge. In Motor Raid, you race through a cyberpunk world, taking out opponents as needed. Meanwhile, Fighting Vipers is a fighting game in a 3D arena, where you want to take out the opponent’s HP. To do so, you may want to target their armor, as destroying opponents’ armor increases the damage they will take.


Mahjong (The Wareme de Pon)

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In a tie-in with Fuji TV One’s The Wareme de Pon, Project Judge will have mahjong that takes place with outrageous rules. The Assistant from the TV show will also appear.



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Batting cages make a return! The batting center now will shoot out new sorts of fancy ball techniques and has been thoroughly upgraded. It seems there’s a hidden course not available for the average batter too.


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In Shogi, you get to solve Shogi Puzzles in a manner similar to chess puzzles.


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You can play darts. If you are with a girlfriend on a date, you can even play alongside her.


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In Club Sega, apart from the above two titles, you can also play Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Puyo Puyo, and Fighter 5 Final Showdown. There are also crane games that will allow you to collect plushies.


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Last, but not least, you can play poker and blackjack at a certain place in Kamurocho, as well as the hanafuda games Koi Koi and Oicho-Kabu.


Project Judge will release on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, South Korea, and Asia on December 13, 2018. The game will be released in the West in 2019.

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