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Dog Coins in Palworld, Explained

As part of the Sakurajima Island update on June 27, 2024, Pocketpair introduced a plethora of new Pals, materials, and other items for players to interact with in Palworld. The developer also incorporated a new in-game currency for players to use named Dog Coin. Here is how to get and use Dog Coins at the Medal Merchant in Palworld.

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Palworld Dog Coin
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How do I get Dog Coins in Palworld?

Dog Coins are not a new microtransaction currency for Palworld. These new in-game medals are gold and green coins that can be found around the Palpagos Islands. Obtaining them may prove difficult, however, there are plenty of ways to secure this new currency.

The simplest way to get Dog Coins is via Junk Piles scattered across the map. Randomly placed around the world, these scrap piles contain not only Dog Coins, but other items such as Pal Fragments to help you construct equipment such as Pal Spheres.

Palworld Mimog
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A more difficult option to obtain this new currency is by capturing the new Pal called Mimog. Similar to Junk Piles, you can find Mimogs in various regions around the Palpagos Islands. These creatures can be tricky to spot, as they mimic the look of a regular chest in the world. Furthermore, Mimogs are fast Pals capable of escaping player’s clutches before being captured or killed. This makes it the harder option compared to scouring the Islands for Junk Piles.

Where can I find a Medal Merchant?

Once you get a healthy amount of Dog Coins, find a Medal Merchant to exchange them for useful items. Medal Merchants are a new seller introduced in the Sakurajima Update. You can find the bulky merchants in church ruins as they randomly spawn in the world. A consistent area I found the Medal Merchant to spawn at in Palworld is the Desolate Church.

Here’s a screenshot I took of that location:

Palworld desolate church location Medal Merchant palworld
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Medal Merchants exclusively trade in Dog Coins. This means your regular gold currency will not help you get any of the items available to purchase. You can purchase elixirs, hats, and accessories for your Pal Tamer.

Below is everything you can buy with Dog Coins from the Medal Merchant:

Box of Mystery Accessories1000
Burden Elixir350
Cattiva Hat50
Cawgnito Hat50
Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract2000
Dumud Helm50
Lamball Helm50
Life Fruit500
Lyleen Floral Cap50
Might Elixir350
Multiclimate Undershirt +1100
Mysterious Accessory Box100
Power Fruit500
Ring of Freight +150
Sibelyx Hat50
Speed Elixir350
Stamina Elixir350
Stout Fruit500
Vital Elixir350

Dog Coins are a small portion of what Pocketpair has added in the Sakurajima Island update for Palworld. They’ve also included a new map area, buildings, and Tower boss for players to enjoy.

Palworld is available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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