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Dominate The World With 5pb’s Strategy Game Hero X Battle Princess



While 5pb might be known for visual novel style games such as Disorder 6 and their upcoming 3DS shooter gone virtual novel in Liberation Maiden Sin, their next title, Hero X Battle Princess will be a strategic world war game, where you play as a character from a fictional Japan, whose goal is to reunite the world.



Hero X Battle Princess is a world war strategy game, where all the heroes from different parts of the world are at war for the sake of being the supreme ruler. The main character is from a fictional Japan, called Jipangu, who’ll be scrambling her way through different parts of the world for the purpose of world unification. In order to achieve this, she’ll have to defeat powerful lords from various regions.



You’ll start out on the island of the East, Jipangu, where the main character will start out by unifying the lands, followed by the aim of world conquest. By increasing Jipangu’s domain, you’ll have access to more missions. Completing the missions will further enhance the military of Jipangu, allowing you take on tougher nations.



The more powerful your nation is, the more characters that will be joining your army. Each characters have their own abilities and attacks, which can be used to bolster the nation. In addition, these characters will all have their unique missions, which can be cleared to progress their stories and level up their stats.


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Hero X Battle Princess is designed to have strategic depth, but it will also be easy for beginners to understand with its simple interface. The main focus will be how you’ll handle your characters along with their stat and story progressions. Deciding on a good mix of compatible characters, along with their attacks and abilities, will be a big part of the game’s customizable feature, on putting together the type of army you’ll be using to take over the world.


Hero X Battle Princess is slated to be released sometime this year for PlayStation 3.

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