Don’t Mess With The Rabbit Vigilante In Co-Op 2D Beat ‘Em Up Dusty Raging Fist

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Singapore-based studio PD Design Studio is working on a stylish, fast-paced 2D beat ‘em up for PC called Dusty Raging Fist.


If the large-eared rabbit in the screenshots looks familiar that’s probably due to this being a prequel to Dusty Revenge. In this follow-up, Dusty is a little younger and lives life as a vigilante. As such, when some children mysteriously disappear from Double Bill Town, Dusty and his crew decide to investigate the matter themselves.


He’s joined by the nimble and enigmatic assassin Kitsune, who seems to be a female white fox, and who often challenges Dusty’s decisions. And Dusty’s childhood friend Darg also comes along, who appears to be a sheep, although he’s more muscle than anything.



These three characters are all playable in the game’s single player mode and three-player co-op mode. The two support characters from Dusty Revenge who offer sniper cover and artillery bombardment also return as support characters in Dusty Raging Fist.


Each character has a unique fighting style, and they can all combine different elemental skills for more powerful attacks, which will come in handy against the bosses. With them you’ll be facing an ancient evil while travelling across a land ruled by rogue villains.



You can look out for more information as it arrives for Dusty Raging Fist on the game’s website. You’ll also find some more screenshots of that vibrant art style.

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