Dragalia Lost Dragonyule Events Return with a Revival and New Banner


The holiday events are about to kick off in Dragalia Lost. Each year, Cygames has the game celebrate Dragonyule, which means festive activities and variants of characters. This year, the Dragalia Lost Dragonyule activities consist of the return of a familiar facility event and a new Summon Showcase banner that adds one new holiday alt and a new general dragon. Both will appear on December 12, 2019.

The new Dragalia Lost Summon Showcase banner is called Dragonyule Defenders 2. All of the past holiday alts are in it, which means that the Dragonyule Cleo, Jeanne d’Arc, Nefaria, and  Xander variants are all included. They’re joined by one new adventurer and one new dragon. The five-star Dragonyule Malora could join your team. She’s uses an axe and is a five star light warrior. Her skills are Chill of Winter and Starfall Surprise, both of which do light damage, she has the Defense +15% co-ability, and her abilities are Curse Res +100%, Defense Reduced = User Shield II, and Overdrive Punisher +13%. The new dragon is Corsaint Phoenix, who will be a part of the general summoning pool. This five-star light dragon has the Refreshing Flare skill and the (Light) Strength +50% and (Light) Paralyzed Punisher +20% abilities.

As for the event, The Miracle of Dragonyule facility event has returned. During its story, Euden and his allies are trying to keep people safe during the annual Saint Starfall Festival. As you go through its missions and face its bosses, you can earn rewards and build up a Yuletree facility for your kingdom. (The Yuletree has benefits and buffs for water adventurers.)

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Miracle of Dragonyule event and Dragonyule Defenders 2 banner will be available until December 25, 2019. If this pattern continues, then the next event could mark the return of the New Year’s Tidings: Fortunes from Afar raid event.

Jenni Lada
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