Dragalia Lost Monster Hunter Adds a Better Rathalos and Hunter Sarisse


Back when the Dragalia Lost Monster Hunter collaboration was officially announced, it was confirmed that there would be two parts. When collab part 2 kicked off, a second Summon Showcase would appear and more quests would continue the story. Well, a new trailer has revealed the next characters people can pull, and Hunter Sarisse and Dreadking Rathalos are on he way.

Luca’s sister, Sarisse, first appeared in Dragalia Lost as a Gala Dragalia unit. That version of the character is a fire-element adventurer with a bow. The Dragalia Lost Monster Hunter Sarisse is a water-element character, no doubt influenced by the fact that she is wearing a set of armor based on the Monster Hunter Mizutsune armor set. That’s a water-element wyvern from Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Here is Hunter Sarisse’s moveset:


  • Tactical Retreat: Deals water damage to enemies in a line, and increases the damage of the user’s next force strike by 100%. This damage increase will not stack.
  • Haste Rain: Increases the rate at which the user’s force strikes charge by 30% for 30 seconds. This speed increase will not stack.


  • Skill Haste +15%: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 15%. Benefits your whole team.


  • Bow Expertise +2: Grants the user a unique force strike, and increases force strike damage by 30%. Their force strike has four increasingly powerful charge levels and movement is possible while charging. In addition, it will reduce enemy strength by 15% for 10 seconds. This debuff will not stack.
  • Burn Res +100%: Reduces susceptibility to burning by 100%.
  • Force Strike Damage & Charge Rate II: Increases force strike damage by 25% and charge rate by 20%.

As for this better Rathalos, the Dreadking Rathalos is a five-star fire dragon and is only available through this banner. Here is his moveset.


  • Ignition Breath: Deals flame damage to enemies directly ahead,

    and inflicts burn.


  • (Flame) Strength & Force Strike Damage II: If the user is attuned to Flame: increases strength by 55% and force strike damage by 60%.
  • (Flame) Striking Haste II & Gauge Decelerator +30%: If the user is attuned to Flame: increases skill gauge fill rate by 30% when the user’s force strikes connect, but slows the rate the mode gauge decreases by 30%.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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