Dragalia Lost Princess Connect Crossover Will Involve Pecorine

dragalia lost princess connect redive pecorine

While Princess Connect Re:Dive may not be playable everywhere, people in Dragalia Lost are going to spend some time with one of its heroines. A Dragalia Lost Princess Connect Re:Dive crossover event will appear in November 2020. As part of it, people will have a chance to pull for Pecorine, the game’s lead character, in a banner and hear a song from her voice actress, Mao “M·A·O” Ichimichi. Everyone is also getting 1,200 Wyrmite to celebrate, which is enough for one tenfold summon on a banner.

The Dragalia Lost event will be called “A Voracious Visitor.” Pecorine will be a part of a showcase that will include her, an alternate version of a returning Dragalia Lost adventurer, and a new dragon. There will also be a free adventurer to recruit as an ally. (This person will also be an alt for a returning character.) While we don’t know about their elements just yet, it seems Pecorine will wield a sword.

Here’s the official trailer. It includes a brief clip of M·A·O’s “Rainbow Riders,” which is the “A Voracious Visitor” theme song.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Dragalia Lost Princess Connect Re:Dive event will be held in November 2020, and everyone who plays before December 13, 2020 will be able to claim the free 1,200 wyrmite.

Jenni Lada
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