Princess Connect! Re:Dive Anime Trailer Shows Off Kokkoro, Pecorine, and Karyl


It’s Princess Connect! Re:Dive‘s second anniversary, and Cygames celebrated the occasion with a livestream that also revealed the first trailer for the anime announced back in 2019.

A sequel to the original Princess ConnectRe:Dive takes place in a VR online game set on the continent of Astraea. A developer has wiped the memory of the real world from everyone’s mind, but the protagonist finds himself with total amnesia instead. Together with the three main heroines and other guild members, he works to piece together his memory and find a way to return things to the way it should be. The game is described by Cygames as an Anime RPG and features a surprisingly large amount of cutscenes.

The anime is being produced by Cygames’ own Cygames Pictures, who previously animated Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends. The director of the anime is Takaomi Kanasaki, who previously directed anime series like School Rumble, Konosuba, and Is This a Zombie?. Voice actors from the game will return to voice their roles in the upcoming anime.

Princess Connect Re:Dive is available on iOS and Android devices. The anime will begin airing on April 6, 2020 in Japan. Currently, it’s unknown how many episodes the anime will consist of.

Alistair Wong
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