A Puppy Wanders into Dragalia Lost on April Fools’ Day 2020

dragalia lost puppy

If you’ve ever wondered what a Dragalia Lost puppy would look like, Cygames has some great news for you. Like many other Japanese games, like Fire Emblem Heroes, April 1st is less about pranking people and more about having fun. Dragalia Lost in particular has made the “holiday” an interactive event, as in the past it ran a shoot ’em up minigame and rewarded players for giving it a whirl. This year, a one-day event will last from April 1-2, 2020, and it’ll bring a special guest to the Halidom: the Dragalia Lost puppy.

The event, titled Wagabond Pupper, will last from approximately 2:00 AM on April 1, 2020 to 1:59 AM April 2, 2020. Basically, that means whatever the full day cycle is in your time zone. According to the official Dragalia Lost news page, Wagabond Pupper will let players play with a puppy! There’s some interesting text in the blog post, as it stated, “Everyone who saw it immediately fell head over heals for the adorable doggo. …It was almost as if the puppy had the bravery and courageous spirit of an adventurer!”

Could that mean the puppy will actually be a playable character, perhaps a healer of some sort? Will it get to stick around in your squad after Wagabond Pupper ends? Or will our time with the puppy be tragically brief? If you play Dragalia Lost regularly, you will find out tomorrow.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Lucas White
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