Dragon Age Veilguard Release Date
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Dragon Age: The Veilguard Launches Gets Release Window

The long awaited fourth Dragon Age game, recently renamed The Veilguard, finally has a release date window. We can expect the game to release in Fall 2024, according to the announcement trailer at the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase.

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The trailer gives us an overview of what look to be our future party members, including the return of Scoutmaster Harding from Inquisition. Joining her will be Neve, the magically adept detective, Lucanis the mage-hunting assassin, and the veil-jumping Bellara. The rather dapper looking Emmrich will provide reinforcements in the form of summoned skeletons, while Davrin looks to be a Dalish Gray Warden who hunts Darkspawn alongside a Gryphon-like companion. Taash the Qunari (Or possibly Vashoth?) will provide some muscle against the titular dragons, which Harding promises will appear. Interestingly, the trailer ends with the presumed player character stand-in dropping an iron chandelier on foes, potentially indicating a new focus on environmental combat. Most importantly, however, is the return of fan-favorite character Varric from Dragon Age 2, though he looks to be an advisor rather than a party member.

You can watch the full trailer via Youtube below:

Veilguard was previously announced under the name Dragon Age: Dreadwolf back in 2022, with the game taking it’s current name more recently. Also announced at the Xbox Showcase was Doom: The Dark Ages, featuring a more fantasy-styled adventure for the Doomslayer.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard will launch for PC and Xbox Series X/S, with a release window of Fall, 2024.

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