Bandai Namco have shared worldwide shipment figures for a bunch of their recent high-profile games in a financial report. The figures below are as of March 31st, 2015:


  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse – 2.06 million
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution – 1 million
  • One Piece Unlimited World: Red – 650,000
  • Sword Art Onlilne: Hollow Fragment – 570,000


Namco also revealed that Yo-kai Watch is still the strongest money-maker in their Toys and Hobby Business category, bringing in 55.2 billion yen last fiscal year. For the ongoing fiscal year, Namco expect Yo-kai Watch merchandise to contribute another 30 billion yen.


Namco’s second-largest merchandising property is, of course, Mobile Suit Gundam, whose toys brought in 22.9 billion yen last fiscal year. Gundam is expected to bring in another 24 billion yen this fiscal year, Namco indicated in their report.


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