Dragon Quest Builders 2 Players Show Off Its World By Making Dragon Ball’s Korin Tower

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We knew that Dragon Quest Builders 2 would get a much taller world as it was measured around three times that of Dragon Quest Builders, and some fans demonstrated it by making Korin’s Tower from the Dragon Ball series. [Thanks, SwitchSoku.]



This creator says they were making something like a shrine at first, but then made Korin’s Tower from Dragon Ball.



However, they said to ignore the messed up base, or the actual Korin’s Tower part, as it skipped and went to Kami’s Lookout.




As you can see, you can go quite high up in the world of Dragon Quest Builders 2.





Another player made up for the lack of Korin’s area by making their own version. It even has the Sacred Water that Goku drank when he was litt;e.


The above image gives us a better idea how tall this one is.



A last-minute Mr. Popo thrown in Kami’s Lookout


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. It is expected to release in the West in 2019.

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