Dragon Quest Champions Will Have PUBG-like PVP Mode

dragon quest champions mobile game

During the live stream that Square Enix announced on January 11, 2023, Square Enix revealed Dragon Quest Champions. This title will be both a single-player and multiplayer game and is a joint effort with Koei Tecmo. There will be a story mode, as well as a tournament mode, and the mobile game will use a turn-based battle system just like mainline Dragon Quest entries.

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In Dragon Quest Champions, you can form a party of three characters. During the live stream, you can watch how the game and field looks. There seems to be an open world and towns that you can run around and explore in. The story is a fairly simple one. The Protagonist’s father has gone missing, and so they decide to enter a Hero Fighting Tournament to look for him. You can choose between a male or a female protagonist.

As for the PvP tournament mode, it is a brawl comprising of up to fifty players. You fight against them until you are the last one. There is also a rank system as well, and you will only play against players in the same league and around the same class. You start from Bronze III and the maximum is Gold I. What your level is in the tournament mode will reflect what it is in the story mode.

Like PUBG, you will drop down from the sky and decide where you want to land. As you wander around the battlefield, you can collect items that will raise your stats, as well as fight against monsters to earn experience spheres. If you encounter a player in combat with a monster, you can also hop in and turn it into a three-way battle. Collecting experience will help you power up your party for fights against actual people. Each match in tournament mode takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Dragon Quest Champions is in development for mobile devices, and it will hold a beta test from February 6 to 13, 2023. There is no release date yet.

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