New Dragon Quest Mobile Game to Be Announced

dragon quest mobile game

Square Enix will announce a brand new Dragon Quest mobile game on January 18, 2023. The video will air on 7pm JST. That would be 2am PT/5am ET.

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The Dragon Quest mobile game announcement stream will include the title, an explanation of the game, and live gameplay. If the team is going to show someone playing the game rather than prepared footage, then it is likely that the game is far along in the development process. In that case, then it is possible for the game to come out later in 2023.

There have been several mobile titles for Dragon Quest that never made it overseas. For example, Square Enix previously announced Dragon Quest Walk, Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi, and Dragon Quest Rivals. So it is difficult to say if this new Dragon Quest game will remain region-locked to Japan. The latest game to come out from the Dragon Quest series is Dragon Quest Treasures, which was on the Nintendo Switch. It ties into Dragon Quest XI, focusing on party member Erik and his little sister Mia when they were children.

More information on the new Dragon Quest mobile game will appear on January 18, 2023 JST. The game will come out on Android and iOS devices.

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