Dragon Quest Walk Takes Us On A Stroll Through Its Gameplay

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Dragon Quest Walk was announced last month as a new augmented reality smartphone game for the series. Square Enix shared screenshots and details explaining how it plays.


In Dragon Quest Walk players become the protagonist guided by a “mysterious voice” in a new kind of RPG where they’ll walk in a world of Dragon Quest that’s been fused with the real world. In the game you’ll select quests and work your way to the objective, defeating monsters and meeting new characters along the way. Furthermore, you can make a “home” anywhere you want.


In today’s update from Square Enix, we get details explaining the Main Quest game flow. When selecting a quest you’ll see several objectives appear on the map, and from there you choose a place you want to go and simply walk there.


Quests have everything from doing favors for villagers to battles against powerful foes. New allies join the party as you advance through the Main Quests.


Here’s an example of how a quest works:


Select a quest


Dragon Quest Walk’s story is told through a series of quests.


Select a destination


After accepting a quest you’ll see several destinations on the map. Select the destination of your choice.


Destination appears. Make your way to the real-life destination

 003 004

Next, you walk to your destination. You might encounter some familiar monsters on the way.


Arrive to the destination where a tough monster fight may await

009 010

When you arrive to the destination you’ll advance through the story. Make progress through quests by talking to different people.


Quest Clear!



Fighting monsters to level up

You’ll level as you defeat the many monsters that appear on the field. By leveling, you’ll learn new spells and skills, so you’ll want to make sure you’re leveled high enough to take on tough enemies. Furthermore, there’s a Monster Bestiary to register each monster you encounter.


005 006

When encountering monsters, defeat them using attacks and skill commands, and level up with experience points.



The urn-like object is a “Recovery Spot” where you can go to recover your HP and MP. If you lose HP and MP after battles, be sure to go to these spots.



You’ll also encounter the likes of Metal Slimes that are known for being difficult to hit but reward you with an abundance of EXP.



There are also dungeons in Dragon Quest Walk. These dungeons have extra tough monsters so you’ll need to bring  your A game and a party of allies to take on.



Dragon Quest Walk releases for iOS and Android in Japan in 2019. You can check out its announcement trailer in our previous report.

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