Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Is an Eraser-Themed Puzzle Game

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Many new Dragon Quest titles were announced at Square Enix’s 35th Anniversary special livestream, but one of the most accessible ones might be Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi. With a title that literally means “Dragon Quest Erase-Erase,” the game was the first new title announced on stream. It also included a pre-rendered announcement trailer.

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The Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi trailer shows an evil pen flying about and scribbling over the many adventure logs that represent various Dragon Quest storylines. The pen’s doodle come to life, embodying various iconic franchise monsters and villains. Unable to stand this heresy is a band of heroic rubber erasers (“keshigomu” in Japanese). The erasers party up and fling themselves into battle against the nefarious vandals. They combine and morph into heroes and allies from the games, using their powers to defeat their foes.

In a message conveyed during the livestream (visible here at the 30-minute mark), Producer Yuta Ashimine noted that Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi is in development at NHN PlayArt. It developed Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble and #COMPASS. It is destined for smartphones and tablets in 2021. It will feature classic Dragon Quest monsters, characters, and items. The trailer’s opening suggests it’ll use “Match 3” style gameplay mechanics, where players line up rows of icons (erasers, in this case) to power attacks that erase villainous scribbles.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi is in development for iOS and Android devices. It is scheduled to release in 2021 in Japan. Check out more about the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary event, including new info about the latest numbered sequelDragon Quest XII.

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