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Dragon Quest Heroes II Details Class-Changing, Skills & Abilities, Co-op, And More


Square Enix has provided the latest information on Dragon Quest Heroes II, with a bunch of details on the game’s main features including a look at class-changing and a glimpse of its multiplayer mode.

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Leveling and Learning Skills:

By winning battles, your characters gain experience points that increase their attack, defense, and other stats as they level. They’ll also acquire “Skill Points” as they level, used to learn a variety of skills.


Using Tension to Pull Off Special Attacks:


By attacking enemies in battle or taking attacks from enemies, you’ll increase your Tension parameter. This is indicated by the character’s image, and when it fills up you’ll get to go into High Tension mode, which also allows you to pull off a special move.



The above is a look at the powerful “Gigagash” special attack.



Followed by Theresia using “Gigaslash.”


Awaken Powers Through Weapon Proficiency:


By damaging enemies, characters gain “Proficiency” on weapon-types they are equipped with. Unlike the Skill Points that you use on the character, Proficiency will allow you to learn spells and skills for when you have the type of weapon equipped


Use Class-Change To Make Your Own Hero:



The two protagonists have a special ability that sets them apart from other heroes of the game. This is the ability to “Class-Change” and “changing weapon-types.” Each class has different ability levels, skills that can be learned, and their own weapons that can be equipped, making them all different in battle.


You can go with the Warrior class to use powerful swordskill, or go with the Priest class to help healing allies, and many more. The starting job for the protagonists is Warrior, and they’re able to use dual blades, one-handed swords, and axes. Priests can use staves, spears, and clubs. Similar to other Dragon Quest games, you’ll get to change classes and they all have their own levels and Skill Points.


Head Into Multiplayer With Your Leveled Up Characters:



Using your own characters, you’ll get to go into multiplayer mode to play online with other players. The game features cross-play between PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, and it also supports cross-save as well.


“Co-op Play” will let you get help from friends to take on story battles with a party of up to four players. As previously reported, the “Space-Time Labyrinth” dungeon will allow for further co-op action against some tough foes. You might even run into some dungeons that are filled with Metal Slimes. This mode was initially announced as a multiplayer-exclusive mode, but Square Enix changed it to have a solo play option.


Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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