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Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Is More Than Just A Port, Square Enix Says



Dragon Quest Heroes I & II are headed to the upcoming Nintendo Switch as a single game, but Square Enix has assured fans that the Switch version of the title is more than just a port. During the recent Switch presentation, more details came out about Dragon Quest I & II, including some of the special features only found on that version. [Thanks, NintendoEverything.]


On the Switch, Dragon Quest Heroes I & II will make use of the system’s HD Rumble, which will allow you vibration from the Joy-Con when slashing enemies, and different enemies will feel different when hit. For example, a slime will have a more jelly-like feeling, while attacking a Golem will cause the controllers to vibrate as if striking solid rock.


In addition, the difficulty level and game balance have been adjusted for the Switch version of the Dragon Quest Heroes, and elements improved in Dragon Quest Heroes II will be applied to the first game.


As was detailed in a previous report, the Switch version of Dragon Quest Heroes I & II will include the character Ragnar McRyan from Dragon Quest IV, as well as Malroth from Dragon Quest II who will appear as a boss.


Dragon Quest Heroes I & II will release for the NIntendo Switch in Japan on March 3rd, 2017. A western release has not yet been announced.