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Dragon Quest Heroes’ Latest DLC Pits You Against Dragon Quest VI’s Superboss



We recently got a look at Dragon Quest IV boss character Psaro in Dragon Quest Heroes in the game’s first series of DLC. The latest batch of DLC features Dragon Quest VI Superboss Nokturnus going up against our heroes.



The DLC, titled “God of Destruction and Massacre Battle + Sub-Story: Terry,” will tell more of the story behind Dragon Quest VI’s lone swordsman Terry, and it will feature a fight against the ultimate monster, Nokturnus. Nokturnus appeared as a Superboss in Dragon Quest VI, and has also appeared in Dragon Quest IX, Dragon Quest Monsters, and other titles, often considered one of the strongest, if not strongest monsters of the games.


Players will need to have cleared main story in the game before taking on the fight against Nokturnus, after getting a special map at the post office, which leads to a new location in the world map. Additionally, the DLC adds another end-game quest with the “Trial of the Metal Sword”,” which gives you the Metal King’s Great Sword, a powerful item that can be equipped by Psaro.


You can check out our earlier report to get a look at some of the other DLC featuring boss characters. The God of Destruction and Massacre Battle + Sub-Story: Terry will go live in Japan on March 19.


Dragon Quest Heroes is currently available in Japan, and will release sometime this year in the West for PlayStation 4.

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