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Dragon Quest Treasures Gameplay Overview Showcases the Treasure Grind

Dragon Quest Treasures Gameplay

Square Enix’s latest trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures shows off even more gameplay from the “Treasure Life RPG”. Posted on Thursday, the overview video acquaints interested viewers with siblings Erik and Mia and their quest to become the land of Draconia’s greatest treasure hunters.

Where previous trailers recapped the story, this overview lays out the structure of the game and just what players will do to sit their chosen ones atop a heaping mound of riches.

The Dragon Quest Treasures gameplay overview shows off the wide fields of Draconia, a land where monsters roam free. Of the many monsters that Erik and Mia can contend with, a good number of them can be befriended and become party members. Players will control Erik and Mia in turn, and base themselves out of a dilapidated castle. Along with their monster party, they’ll go into the field to hunt down treasure.

Clues for the treasures’ whereabouts come from the monsters themselves in the form of visions. Players then need to go into the field to figure out where the treasure is by matching the local perspective with the visions. To access hard-to-get-to areas, they’ll also use their monsters’ abilities, which include faster movement, gliding, and support in combat.

The gang’s castle can be improved by finding rarer and more valuable treasure hauls, which are then appraised on return to base. Story events are also tied to progress in finding the Seven Dragonstones, powerful magical artifacts that are also sought after by rival treasure hunting gangs.

Dragon Quest Treasures pops up on the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022. Pre-orders of the game come with an item pack containing 5 Chimaera Wings, 15 Better Buddy Bullets, and 15 Fullheal Pellets.

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