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Dragon Quest Treasures’ Treasure Maps and Dungeons

Dragon Quest Treasures’ Treasure Maps and Dungeons

Square Enix’s latest Dragon Quest Treasures reveal involves details about the Treasure Maps that lead to Treasure Dungeons. As you play, you might happen upon a map. These can lead to quests to Teleportals. When you head into one, you can access a special, randomized dungeon to get rewards like money, medals, and treasure.

There are two ways to get a Treasure Map that unlocks a new optional quest in Dragon Quest Treasures. One is as a drop after fighting monsters. Another is as a reward from a mission you sent one of your parties of monsters off on alone. Once you find one, its respective side-quest is added under “Treasure Map” in the Quest menu. (Other types of Quests there include Main, Gang, Railway, Adventure, Daily, and Banner ones.) Each one seems to begin with “X Marks the Spot,” followed by the location where that Treasure Dungeon will be.

Once you take one of these Dragon Quest Treasures quests, someone can head to the location where the Treasure Dungeon is to find the portal. Going inside does involve a warning prompt saying you won’t be able to get back to the outside area “for a while.” The dungeon itself is randomized and made up of multiple rooms. You need to defeat rooms to proceed forward. However, some will feature stone pillars that can do things like restore your health. If you beat the final floor, you’ll get a treasure, money, and medal. The announcement also noted rarer medals are available depending on how little time you take. The announcement also teased a dungeon with a Hornbull, Sentinel of the Sands boss.

Here’s a gallery of screenshots showing off the Treasure Map and Treasure Dungeon gameplay.

Dragon Quest Treasures will come to the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022. There’s also a manga adaptation.

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