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Dragon Quest VIII On 3DS Has A Bunch Of New Scenarios And Loot



Dragon Quest VIII will have some new features like an alternate ending and 3DS camera features. The latest screenshots of the game provided by 4Gamer show us parts of new scenarios and the insides of a dungeon with some new loot.


003004 005

The above images show us parts of a new dungeon that appears to be an ancient ruins of some sort. The purple treasure chest is also a new addition. It still remains unknown as to what kind of loot will be in these.



007 008

010 009

The existence of a white Killer Panther and Dhoulmagus walking with flames in the background are just a few samples of Dragon Quest VIII’s many new scenarios.


011 012

The above screenshot shows King Clavius asking “do you have any idea what kind of situation you’re in?” and another screen showing the protagonist looking pretty bummed out. It seems like this is part of the alternate ending that was recently teased.


You can check out our earlier report to see some other screenshots that show an encounter with a Dragon King and an additional epilogue that is being added to the 3DS version of the game.


Dragon Quest VIII will release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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