PlayStation 4

Dragon Quest X Highlights Scenes In A New Trailer For Upcoming PS4 Version



Dragon Quest X is marching onto its latest platform with the new PlayStation 4 version next month in Japan, and Square Enix shared a new trailer that highlights scenes from the MMORPG title on PS4.


Dragon Quest X on PlayStation 4 features better visuals with improvements on facial textures and other parts of the game with 1080p resolution and 60fps performance on PS4. It also boasts prettier backgrounds with better lighting and background scenery.


The above trailer features the “All in One Package” edition of the game, which features the game’s first three expansions, or as they call it, “versions.”


Dragon Quest X releases in Japan on August 17, 2017 for PlayStation 4. It’s also headed to Nintendo Switch in Fall 2017 in Japan, where the game is currently available on  Wii U, PC, iPhone, and Android.

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