Nintendo DS

Dragonball heading to the DS courtesy of Namco Bandai


dbds1.JPG Scans from the latest V-Jump reveal that Namco Bandai is bringing the original Dragonball to the DS in the form of Dragonball DS. Not much is known of the game at the moment, but from the looks of it, it's a 3D action/RPG in the vein of the Legend of Zelda series. Another thing to note is that the game looks pretty impressive, as far as graphics go.


The scan also seems to indicate that combat will be handled via the touchscreen. This could definitely be one to keep an eye on. There's no indication of whether or not this will head to the US, but my money's on "yes", considering it's been years since a Dragonball/DBZ game has been released in Japan and not the US. Anyway, keep a watch out for this one, Dragonball fans!


Images courtesy of V-Jump and Namco Bandai.