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Dragon’s Dogma Online Will Feature Cross-Platform Multiplayer


Capcom recently held a closed beta for their online action MMORPG, Dragon’s Dogma Online, with its second beta test taking place on August 7th through 10th. The latest trailer recaps some of the game’s main features.


After showing off some of the game’s story scenes, we get to see how Dragon’s Dogma Online features cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (with remote-play options on Vita,) and PC, similar to Final Fantasy XIV. Lobbies can hold up to 100 players.


As far as other multiplayer features go, there’s an 8-man raid called “Grand Missions,” where you and seven other players will get to team up against monsters for a chance to get some special loot.


Dragon’s Dogma Online will launch in Japan on August 31, 2015.

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