Drop Wizard Captures The Magic Of Cheerful 16-Bit Arcade Games


Neutronized has announced that its next iOS game will be Drop Wizard, and has released a cheerful trailer to along with it. The game is scheduled to release in early 2015.


First impressions are that Drop Wizard is the type of action arcade game that Neutronized has become known for. And if you’re not familiar with Neutronized, you should check out Roar Rampage, which lets you play as a giant dinosaur that punches skyscrapers down.


Drop Wizard sets you out on a quest to save a wizard’s friend who has been turned to stone by a curse. The plot can be mostly ignored from there onwards.



In the single-screen levels, you control the wizard by moving him left and right, as they automatically fire stars from their wand. As you can’t jump, the only way to get back to the top of the multi-tiered levels is to fall down the hole in the bottom.


So it’s a game of zapping enemies and bosses with careful movement and timing, and collecting gems and coins to amount a higher score, and probably purchase upgrades and new outfits if previous Neutronized games are anything to go by.

Chris Priestman