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A Drunk, A Coward, And A Walking Omen Of Death Are Part Of Your Army In Valkyria Chronicles 4


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The official Valkyria Chronicles 4 Twitter recently shared several new trailers for characters that will join Squad E, including a drunk, a chivalrous woman, and a man who keeps saying things that are bad omens.




Vanti is a soldier who is somehow perpetually drunk, but still manages to do her job. She drinks to stave away flashbacks to horrible battles she’s fought.





Odin’s real name is Thomas, but he insists on using the name instead. He’s haughty and has a very arrogant way of speaking, but is really a huge coward. He is in the army as his parents forced him to join, as he was originally a shut-in at home.





Mabel is serious and logical to a fault. She’s harsh on her allies and demands logical explanations for their activities. She’s also the time to act in cold anger.





Foil (her name is based on the fencing weapon) is a girl who wants to be just like a gallant, chivalrous knight. She doesn’t like using guns, as she sees them as unfair. Her father influenced her to learn swordfighting.





Jimmy is the nicest man you’d ever meet, but he keeps putting himself in danger by saying ominous things that foreshadow his narrative death, such as, ‘I’m about to become a father’, or ‘I think we did it!’. Of course, whether or not he does die on the battlefield is up to player skill.


Finally, the official Twitter account showed official design art and a character video for Miles Arbeck, who we detailed in our previous report here.



Miles is the type to panic when in desperate situations, and the type to worry about upcoming battles in a logical fashion.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases in Japan on March 21, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2018. North America and Europe will receive the game in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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