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Dungeon Siege III Does Not Have A Respec System, Feargus Urquhart Explains Why



While Dungeon Siege III only has four characters to use, players can customize them by setting ability enhancing proficiency points to talent points for passive skills. Once you assign a point, it’s set in stone. Dungeon Siege III will not let players respec or reassign points to different attributes.


I asked Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment, why the team decided not to add in a respec feature. "I think respec is an idea… you know that’s a hard question. If we were making a MMO like Warcraft and I’ve put a billion hours into this character and I kind of want to do something different with this character. Instead of doing PvE [player vs. enemy] stuff, I now want to do PvP [player vs. player] stuff I absolutely have to respec it do that," Urquhart replied.


"In other words, it’s not like the player becomes less successful with their character because of the game or because now they can play the game in a totally different way. In a lot of ways, it is not as necessary, but it was a hard decision to whether to provide that or not. A lot of it came down to it’s not like you’re making a decision like ‘I played 75% of the game PvE and now I want to play PvP and now I have to respec or I’m not going to be as good as players at the same level.’"


Characters in Dungeon Siege III have two stances. Anjali can either be an agile spear fighter, a fire mage or a little of both. I tried dabbling in both paths when I played Dungeon Siege III, but I found it was more effective to supercharge one of a character’s abilities in one direction. In my second run through the build, I threw all of my status upgrades into Lucas’ sword dash attack (think Stinger from Devil May Cry) and that made him a death machine.

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